AESO Services


Nican International focuses on all aspects of the AESO connection process, most commonly in the following areas:


  • Project Data Update Package (PDUP) Data Filing
  • Project Study Scope Development
  • Engineering Studies (Power Flow, Transient Stability, Voltage Stability, Fault Analysis)
  • Coordination of WECC Model Validation Testing


Grid Interconnection Studies


Nican International is highly experienced in the performance of grid connection studies including:


  • Distribution System Studies
  • Transmission System Studies
  • Steady-State Power Flow Analysis
  • Transient Stability Analysis
  • Voltage Stability (PV/QV) Studies

Highlights of Past Engineering Service


A brief sample of Nican International's past engineering work includes:


Distribution System Studies

ALPAC Forestry IPP - Performed studies for a distribution connected generator totaling 13 MW.


Steady-State Power Flow Analysis

Shell Canada 700 MW Wild Steer Butte Wind Power Project - Carried out a transmission system study to evaluate the impact of connecting the facility to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES). The study objective was to determine the transmission system limitations under current conditions and determine the effectiveness of AESO's proposed upgrades.


Transient Stability Analysis

MEG Energy Christina Lake SAGD Project - Evaluated the transient stability of two 85 MW generators and assess (a) transient stability, (b) power flow and possible capacity constraints on the transmission system for NERC category A, B and C events, (c) fault analysis.

Voltage Stability (PV/QV) Studies

EnCana Empress Extraction Facility Project - Assessed the energization of two large motors (29,000 hp and 32,000 hp) and predicted the security of supply of the Empress area by determining the potential for voltage collapse for NERC Category B (N-1) events in the area as a result of interconnecting the two motors.


Fault Analysis

Shell Quest Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Quest project - Performed power flow and fault analysis for the purpose of designing cathodic protection along parallel segments of the line (induction) and at pipeline crossing points (conduction). The assessment provided a forward looking view on power line flow and fault level increases.



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