Permit Application & Management Services


Nican International prepares and facilitates Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) filings including:


  • Power Plant Applications
  • Modifications to Existing Facilities
  • New Industrial System Designations (ISD) and Modifications
  • Applications for Exemption


Regulatory Hearing Services


Nican International provides support for regulatory proceedings including:


  • Review of Hearing Filings
  • Preparation, Review and Submission of Evidence
  • Expert Witness Service

Highlights of Regulatory Project Service


A brief sample of Nican International's past regulatory work includes:


Power Plant Applications

Halkirk Wind Power Facility (150 MW)

Blackspring Ridge Wind Power Facility (300 MW)


Exemptions (Section 24 HEEA)

Algar Lake SAGD (15 MW)

Foster Creek SAGD (90 MW)


Industrial System Designations

Christina Lake (Conklin) SAGD (170 MW)


Facility Amendments

Christina Lake (Conklin) - Facilitated a change from a simple bus to ring bus configuration


Hearing and Expert Witness Services

Griffith Woods Transmission Line Pole Replacement (application no. 1600672, proceeding ID: 156)



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